What are our values?


We are clear on what is our clients' situation, how and most importantly if we can help them achieve the desired results. 


We lead by example. Without structure at every step in the way, the expected results cannot be achieved. 


Each company has its own specificities. We wish to help each of our customers reach results on the basis of their own needs.


Our aim is to deliver quality, help staff members experience and implement the techniques we teach, to achieve the desirable results. 

Long term relationship

Our aim is to build a long term relationship with our customers. We will grow when they grow. 

Diana Popa

Founder and CEO of My Design Tomorrow

"Control your thoughts, change your life" 

With 10 years of professional experience in control and investigation functions, Diana had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people in over 10 countries in Asia and Europe.

With an experience and knowledge in several fields of expertise:accounting, finance, banking, risk management, coaching, psychology and having invested 6 years in personal and business developmenttrainings, Diana helps business owners find the best strategies to discover their true self and grow their business. 

Her dream is to bring people together, help them become aware of their potential, overcome their fears and start living the life they wish for.

Company's Profile

A start up company with an international presence providing consulting, training and coaching for personal and business development.

We are contributing to the change of mindset of the corporate world, by helping employees and companies reach exponential growth.

Our mission and vision

We are so grateful that our company will be one of the leading companies to serve millions of business owners and employees work with purpose, passion and fulfillment, surrounded by people with the same values, whilst helping business owners live their desired life.

Our vision is to improve our education system and help people live an empowered life. 

Who are we working with?

We work with coaches, trainers and speakers, consultants and business owners who feel stuck and tired of not having a consistent growth and income and the lifestyle they desire. 

What we promise is that we will work with you in identifying what is holding you back from becoming the Leader you were born to be. 

As a result, our clients achieve their objectives, grow their results, work with purpose and improve their life emotionally and financially. 

What is unique about us is that our programs' offer is 100% customised to our clients' needs, its success rate is measurable, is risk free investment, affordable and focussed on lasting results.