The training industry is booming

training industry Jul 01, 2020

The Rule for Success

There has actually never been a better time to join the online training market. With the particular market exceeding $65 billion contracted out by businesses to third-party training service providers, it's certainly not a particular niche industry anymore. It's only positioned for more growth, as conventional instructional networks and traditional schools are interfered with by online training waves. 

This is an excellent time to join the internet training market. Certainly starting your very own training company, just like beginning any kind of company can be intimidating. On the positive side, the market is expanding, the devices at your disposal have actually never been far better, as well as a little interest and ability can obtain you lengthy means.

We understand that you may be enthusiastic regarding the preparation of a digital product, but that's not enough. To run an effective business you will likewise need to be enthusiastic about running a...

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The smart trick of purpose in life that nobody is discussing

inspirational facts Jun 29, 2020

Andrew Carnegie was birthed into a typical lower-class household in Scotland and also stayed in a weaver's cottage, a little residence. The major room offered not just as the living quarters, but also as the eating space and also the bedroom for the entire family.

The location in which they lived was really poor yet better than their previous area. Feeling this wasn't the profession for him, he became a telegraph messenger for $2.50 each week. This work featured a couple of benefits, such as gaining totally free entrance to the local theater.

How can we use financial freedom?

Carnegie later obtained shares in an automobile service after helping to secure the shares of an additional organization for a good friend; he utilized this to his benefit and also reinvested all his cash right into the railway industry. During the civil war Carnegie made a lot of money with financial investments he had made; among which had him investing $40,000 of his own money right into Tale Ranch; a creek...

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Women leadership - Inspirational facts to guide you to raise above

Uncategorized Jun 28, 2020

Women leadership is for anyone

According to a 2018 report by the Service Corps of Retired Execs (SCORE) Organization, the percentage of women-owned organizations enhanced by 45% between 2007 and 2016, five times faster than the nationwide average, making up 39% of the 28 million local business in the USA. It's clear that ladies are handling the business world like never ever previously, beginning their own enterprises, leading corporations.  

What does a businesswoman do? Functioning in a company can indicate numerous points, from holding a leading leadership setting at a tiny or huge firm to venturing out on your own as a business owner and starting an organization of your own.

Regrettably, females are up against even more in the business globe (and several sectors) than guys are. Much of this comes from predisposition as well as sexism. In order to prosper in service, women need to develop durability, having the ability to demonstrate their worth also when faced with...

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Step 3 - Growth

business growth Jun 23, 2020

If you missed the other two steps, you can have a look at this article, to catch up: https://www.mydesigntomorrow.com/blog/empowering-female-entrepreuneurs  

For those of you who already read the other articles, let’s have a glance to what means growth and how do we achieve it?

As you know we are focusing on growth from the perspective of female entrepreneurs. I believe in their power to be leaders and raise above. But often we are either too emotional or not sentimental at all. Either we consider we are weak or we become men. The reality is, we can be strong, leaders and inspire others, whilst at the same time be feminine. Do you think the two don’t go together? Well…they do. You just need to find your own path, your authenticity. Discover when to be tough or to be soft, but most importantly with whom. I truly trust that once you discovered your inner strength even when you feel vulnerable you are actually strong and you touch other people.

So what are the...

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Step 2 - Action

action Jun 23, 2020

Now that you have an empowering mindset and you have clarity over what you want in life, it is time to take action and create your business so you can have financial freedom.

I truly believe that no matter what the opinions are around wealth, and how much we wish to blame wealthy persons for being greedy and careless or dishonest, the truth is all of that is only in your mind. There are people who either are poor or rich with a terrible behavior towards others. There are also poor and rich individuals who are behaving exceptionally, who are helping others despite the struggles they are facing. The way you are today is also who you will be when having financial autonomy. If you don’t like who you are, then take the step and make a difference. Because money will alter nothing about who you are and the people you want to have close to you. The only thing that will vary is your own beliefs about how financial freedom can influence your life.

Let’s have a look at some...

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Step 1 - Clarity

clarity mindset Jun 23, 2020

You may remember our pyramid with the steps we need to go through in order to be successful. If you didn’t read the article on our brand, you can still find it here: https://www.mydesigntomorrow.com/blog/empowering-female-entrepreuneurs

In this article, we will focus on Step 1. I must admit, this step is extremely important to me. It is the basis of everything you will build in your life and of what you have built so far. Take a close look at who you are today. If you are not happy with the result, then it is time to make a change. The question I always receive is: how do I make that change? Where do I start?

This is the reason we have built this online training, that is available here: https://my-design-tomorrow.mykajabi.com/offers/LYfE9Qde/checkout. To explain every single principle that will help you reprogram your belief system, that will help you build your self-esteem and self-image and will give you the empowering mindset you need to succeed.

What are these...

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Empowering female entrepreuneurs to live their true potential

brand programs Jun 23, 2020

Who am I?

What am I capable of?

How do I make the first step in creating my business?

How can I find the right strategy to successfully grow my business?

These are all valid questions. If you asked yourself these questions, rest assured. I did as well. Yet, what did I do differently? What are the steps towards being successful as a businesswoman, yet having time to invest in your own needs, your family and those closest to you?

It seems impossible for some. However, I don’t believe that. I went through many struggles: financial, relationship, quality of life, lack of free time, fatigue, health. And despite all of that, I discovered the sparkle within me; I found my purpose in life, the path towards a fulfilled living. This helped me create some powerful programs applying the steps described below and available here: www.mydesigntomorrow.com/store

What are these steps?    

Wherever you look, it seems there is always a ‘special’ formula for...

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Identify your WHY

motivation Jun 13, 2020

In case you missed the previous two posts on setting expectations and designing a plan to achieve them, let me share in a few words where we can start if we wish to change our life.

  • First, we analyze where we are now in our life, at this precise moment in time and where we would like to be, what is working and what is not in the different areas of our life.
  • Second, we set up goals: what would you like to achieve in 10 years, 5 years, 1 year from now? Once some first ideas are in place, we make a plan to set up actions we can follow.

How did you do so far? What is the area of your life that is most challenging? Where do you need more help? Which is the area where you don’t manage to keep yourself motivated? The answer to these questions will help you understand the reason you are not getting the life you are dreaming for. You can have a look to the previous articles here: https://www.mydesigntomorrow.com/blog?tag=vision and ...

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Gain clarity over your life

vision Jun 13, 2020

What are your strengths?

What is your passion?

When do you feel like you have energy in what you do?

And most importantly what is your vision, desire lifestyle and purpose in life?

No matter the answer to these questions, you have the ability to overcome any obstacle in your path and achieve your goals. But in order to do so you need a lot of discipline, structure and detailed a plan.

If you think this can help you, I would recommend to take a look to where you are right now and where you would like to be in the following areas of your life: health and fitness; emotional;  spiritual; intellectual; social and fun, love and family, financial situation; business and career; quality of life.  

It is up to you whether you want to share anything on this page, whether you wish to share it with me or just keep it for yourself. This will allow you identifying exactly where you want to be so that you can measure what stops you from doing so and identify what helps you...

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Make a plan

plan Jun 13, 2020

Do you wonder why some people are more ‘successful’ than others, more fulfilled and more energetic? A key reason is that they know exactly where they want to go and have a precise plan on how to get there. If you are not in this situation, then you need to take action! Changing your daily habits is a good starting point. How? Here are a few first tips:

  • Goals setting: Dream! Think about where you would like to be 10 years from now. Then think about 5 years from now and then one year from now. 
  • Action: How can you can get there? What are the skills required, the steps you need to follow, actions and decisions you need to take in order to achieve your goals one year from now? Put down on paper every single action you will take. In order to do so, you need to schedule your actions per: month, week and day.
  • Prioritize: Put in order of importance the areas you need to take action. Keep in mind that energy is scarce. Focus it where it is mostly needed. Then...
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